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The power behind every great husband is a smart wife

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Smart wife
The true meaning behind the title is really quite simple, a smart wife understands how to make her husband happy.  In the idea alone this will contribute to making him a more successful man. The old saying is not quite the same because you can have a good woman behind a man so to speak, but a smart wife is really going to make him successful.

What exactly is a smart wife and what does she do to make her husband successful?

Understanding how a man thinks.
A smart wife is a woman who understands men and how they think, which is quite different from the way a woman thinks. Husbands need their wives in different ways than a woman may need her husband. Men are typically problem solvers and want to fix what is presented to them.

This is much different than a woman. Women can listen to what a person has to say sympathize with them, give suggestions or just be there for support. When a man is presented with the same question he is not going to just sit and listen he is going to want to fix it or take action. Many times woman, who do not understand men well get upset at their husbands for not listening to them like a girlfriend would. A smart wife will know that when she presents a problem to her husband he a good person to trouble shoot those problems with her, but a girlfriend would be a better choice to just hear and sympathize with her.

Affectionate wife
A smart wife will be affectionate with her husband. Many times women forget that a husband still wants to be desired by their wife. A smart wife will show her husband that she still desires him and loves him, by surprising him with her affection. She can initiate love making and ask him to come to bed. There is nothing sexier to a husband, than when his wife shows him that she still desires him and wants him.

A smart wife can complement her husband by telling him that he looks nice or thank him for doing little extra things for her.
Respecting her husband
A smart wife can also help her husband be successful by supporting him and respecting him as a man. This does not mean that she is not respected for her opinions as well, but many women belittle their husbands instead of lifting their spirits up or helping them to see things in a more positive light.

Once a husband feels as though his wife no longer respects him or supports him, he will shut himself off from her and quite possibly find support from some other woman. Men need to know that their wives respect them as men, their self-esteem and manlyhood as a man are very much tied into their wives opinion of them.

A smart wife will do these things even if she is angry at her husband, because this is the way that she can change the dynamics in her marriage. The average husband who is a nice decent guy will respond positively to these suggestions. When a man feels loved, cherished, appreciated by his wife than he can go out and slay the dragons of the world and know that when he comes home it will be to a wonderful woman. He will be a more successful husband with his smart wife behind him giving him support. The truth is that a smart wife holds most of the power in the relationship and many women don’t even realize it. Women are so much more complicated than men and understanding how a man thinks and what he needs are is much simpler than what a women needs. A good man will stay true and loving to his family and his wife, if he feels like he is coming home to a woman who loves him. To be a smart wife it is not as difficult as one might think and to be the loving wife to your husband because the marriage and the family will benefit from it and it is worth it.


Sharell I love this article thank you!It seems as though some of us woman make things so diffcult when it can be so simple.

This is wonderful and oh so true. Many men, who are smart, will readily admit this too. Love it.

Ambreen memon
oh so nice and very useful for happiest and longterm relationship.

...or as I always say behind every great man is a better woman ..... so great to hear from you with your hall of fame comment - that really made my day - because you're so wise, savvy and intelligent - that you definitely compliment me as your anxious reader - and this particular hub proves that theory - with great insight and pure enlightenment - and about your comment referring to a woman having 10 pages written about her - well that would be a very rewarding and rich ten pages indeed - especially if someone like you were the subject!

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  5. Truly said behind every successful man their is a woman. Woman/wife gives us strength to conquer are goal.
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