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Sex Counseling, Sex Coaching and Sex Therapy What Is Best For You?

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Most people are confused by the terms sex coach, sex counselor and sex therapist and what makes them different in terms of how they can help an individual with their sex life or sexual dysfunction (none of them involve touching).  Many people get these terms confused with sex surrogate but it is not the same.  A sex counselor may refer a person to a sex surrogate and be involved as the referring counselor but just through communication. 

With a sex therapist there are differences than a sex coach or a sex counselor in the fact that a person is called a sex therapist and that person would have to hold a license and a certification in sexology, but there is no "licensed sex therapist" except for in Florida.  So the term sex therapist is really a licensed therapist who is also a certified sexologist.  The best place to lean more about the terms and differences is through  AASECT .

What makes a sex coach and a sex counselor different from a sex therapist is that there is no real therapy involved, the sex coaching and counseling use the PLISSET model without the t for therapy .  When working with the clients around their sexual issues, many times a person who has a fetish, erectile dysfunction, rapid ejaculation, cross dressing, lack of orgasm and any other sexual problem will want to be guided and educated on how to improve their life, how to contain their life and how to manage their fetish. The sex counselor, sex coach is not there to change the person through therapy but give the person the tools, guidance, permission and education to help them manage their lives.

Most sex counselors have also been trained in techniques and how to help with teaching a person through verbal techniques, how to maintain an erection, how to slow down climax, how to accept themselves for who they are and so much more . Sex coach's also works with other practitioners such as medical doctors, psychiatrist, sex surrogates, hypnotherapists and psychologists.

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For more information on becoming a certified sex counselor, sex educator or sex therapist visit The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)
To become a certified sex surrogate visit IPSA
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