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Getting help for your sexless marriage

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As a sex therapist and relationship counselor, one of the most difficult problems that I deal with my clients is them opening up to their spouse about sex.  Communication surrounding sex in marriage is one of the subjects that couples skate around, and still feel shy talking about.   

Sexual intimacy is what couples end up missing when the sex is no longer fulfilling in a relationship.  Have great sex together, can releases hormones in the body that bring the couple closer together.  Sex is a natural part of being human, but when that is taken out of a person’s life, it is not replaceable. 

Not having regular enjoyable sex with your spouse can lead to over eating, drug problems, drinking, cheating, depression, loneliness, and low self esteem.  Sexual intimacy is what happens when the couple connects on a physical and mental level; this cannot be achieved with out the “sex” in the relationship.

Couples that have enjoyable frequent sex together are less likely to end in divorce or cheat.  There is a closeness that shows in couples that have passionate intimate sex, they appear to be more connected.

To get help for your sexual problems in your relationship get it from experiences counselors like me.  We are trained not only in marriage therapy but human sexuality finding solutions to sexual problems in marriage.  I help couples to feel more comfortable talking about sex in marriage.  We go over how to improve sex and do home assignments that can bring the couple closer together on an intimate level.

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