Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tickle my tush book review by Dawn Michael

Awesome, accurate, acceptable, anticipation and all about anal. 
Dr. Sadie Allison you did a great job writing your book about a touchy taboo topic.  Not to touchy for me to go there, and my oh my, if I had not already experienced the pleasure of the A spot after reading this book I most certainly would.  Being a clinical sexologist myself, marriage counselor, writer and sex educator, I will most defiantly recommend this book to my clients.
Tickle my tush, “cute title by the way”, and it eases you into the subject with great verbal lubrication.  What I really liked about the book was the sex positive view that Dr. Sadie took on anal play.  She explained in great length about allowing your partner, spouse, lover to be intimate with you in a way that involves complete trust.  For both men and women anal play can be the next level of sexuality shared in a very intimate loving and erotic way.
Dr. Sadie in her book Tickle my tush not only gives her clinical knowledge on how to have safe comfortable anal sex but the psychological aspect as well.  She goes into to great lengths to describe the feelings associated with anal intercourse, position and the mighty anal orgasm.
One of the points that Dr. Sadie makes in her book is about anal in porn. She states “don’t let porn be your teacher” Dr. Sadie gives information about how it may look but not real facts “in porn you go in fast and strong” but that is not true at all.   Porn actors prepare for hours to get ready to have anal penetration scenes long before the camera starts, some even the night before.  I myself did an interview with Porn Star Jessica drake from Wicked pictures,  she is a sex positive educator as well, having her own instructionals on anal play, to find out her information on the subject. 
One of the questions that I asked her was "how can we as sex educators let people know about real anal penetration in porn."  She talked about the preparing that she does for an anal scene, and believe me it is not push it in and WOW, but hours of prep.
One of the other areas of interest that I loved in this book was the talk of orgasms.   Dr. Sadie describing the intensity of an orgasm during anal sex.  The O and the A meet for a very powerful anal orgasmic experience.
 Dr. Sadie also touched upon the use of a strap on dildo for use by a man or a woman.  As a women what better way to get to know your man better than to strap on a dildo and tickle his ass cheeks…
I give Dr. Sadie an A on this book.  A must read for anyone that is interested in experiencing anal play the healthy way!

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