Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Future of Dating

Where has the dating age taken us, with cyber dating at an all time high people are coming up with new ideas on how not to meet.  The dating avatar is the newest creation in online dating, meet avatar to avatar.  This may be a fun way to play and pass the time, but the reality of the situation is that attraction is not only mental but very much based on chemical attraction.

The scent of a person, the chemistry, pheromones, play a part in the mating process.  A woman can smell her biological mate, if she understands the process.  Men even though smell and physical appearance is important, for a woman smelling her mate before getting too emotionally involved is a powerful tool in attraction.

Cyber dating, can create a temporary unreality, and then upon meeting many woman will fall into a sense of commitment even though they are not chemically attracted.   Getting to know someone for a bit over the Internet is a great idea, but venturing into avatar relationships, sexual talk, and skype sexing, will never truly give a woman the "scent of a man".

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