Friday, September 10, 2010

I don’t understand, why would a woman fake an orgasm?

This question was posted on hubpages and it had an overwhelming response. Here are what a few people had to say. What do you think?

Chasuk says

If she isn't enjoying the sex, then she might hope that faking the orgasm will bring it to an end

To avoid hurting their man's ego. If she didn't have an orgasm and didn't fake either, there's a chance he'll feel unfit as a man. At least, that's what some think

It’s quite simple really. It’s to be kind to a partner's ego. Either you don't want to have sex right now or you just aren't feeling the sex right then. Either way, it’s easier to fake an orgasm and they never have to know. It’s a kindness, really.

Because she wants to make the guy happy. Or she's getting out of having more sex with him. He should be able to make her orgasm just like she does for him. And it IS possible to tell if she fakes it, you just need to care enough that she actually gets hers too and then you'll be able to tell.

RobertAllenSavage says

If more men took time to understand women this would not be an issue. Men are very selfish and rarely if ever actually care about the woman being satisfied. Ya wanna know how to please a woman.....ASK HER!

I have to disagree with a man not being able to tell if a woman is faking, the physical reactions are impossible to fake, ya just have to know what you are looking for.

Well there are 2 possible answers

Because it seems easier than faking a headache or

So the man will leave us alone enough to where we can roll over and go to sleep.

They fake their orgasm because they do not want to hurt their partner. The best way is to talk about it though, when women fake it they will look for the real thing somewhere else..

If a woman really wants to do her man a "favor" for his ego she could let him know she's not really in the mood and offer him oral sex instead or she can jump on top and give him the ride of his life. Either way I'm sure he'll find a way to be a happy camper without her needing to lie/fake it.

Wait a minute. Are you trying to say that she is faking orgasms? Just marvelous. Next you'll tell me Santa isn't real.

Actually I think it's so she doesn't hurt the guy’s feelings or he is just not very good in bed.

Men and women fake orgasms all the time. You may bring yourself off thinking about something else or someone else. You may hold yourself back by the same means. An orgasm can overtake you, or your partner. Is it you? Is it them? The circumstance, the wine, the time of day? If you are feeling hot anyway, is that an orgasm with your partner or are you doing it on your own? Would that be a "faked orgasm"?

The fact that a man comes, doesn't mean he has an orgasm. Most women lack the common sense to understand this, and are much less honest than men about their feelings.

This question is really for adolescents who don't know who they are. They think screaming and gasping convinces their partner that they are somehow "sensitive".

Men fake orgasms all the time because orgasms don't happen to order, especially when you have been with your partner for 20 or 30 years. I guess it may happen the other way round too?

Probably to make the man feel like the best lover in the world...

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