Saturday, September 25, 2010

What is the point of going to marriage counseling if they don’t talk about sex?

There is a growing problem with marriage counselors today and that is they only get two courses of training in sexual problems with couples and individual.  Many times a couple’s core issue is the fact that they are not having sex regularly or the sex is not good in the marriage.  When people get married there should be a course taken on how to please your partner, but there is not.
A big part of marriage is intimacy, touching, kissing, loving, and intercourse.  All of this has to do with being intimate with a spouse, if one of those key element s is missing in the marriage it will throw the entire marriage off and many times it show up in other areas of the marriage, such as repressed anger, resentment, dislike.  When married couple has wonderful loving passionate sex, it creates a deeper bond in the marriage.   If you are lacking this in your marriage get help, because it is important!  Everyone deserves to have great sex in their life!   Get a marriage counselor that has extra training in sexology courses.  Visit my website to read more articles on how to have better sex in your marriage.

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