Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sex Coaching book review by Dawn Michael

This week I am reviewing a book by Dr. Patti Britton called The Art of Sex Coaching, expanding your practice.

If you have ever wanted to know about what sex coaching is this book has all of the answers. This is a wonderful educational book for the person who wants to get into the field of sex coaching but also for the layperson who is just looking for answers to better sex. This book does an excellent job explaining the art of sex coaching and how it differs from regular therapy and why it may work for you.

The section of the book for couples and their common sexual concerns and resolutions was very informative and gave a detailed description of eight common couples concerns, with explanations and true stories.

The list of couples most common concerns:
1. Little or no sex in the relationship
2. Aversion to touch or misplaced touch communication
3. Conflict's about desire uneven desire
4. Conducting values about monogamy/affairs
5. Performance skills deficit
6. Body image issues
7. Communication style conflicts
8. Negotiation skills deficit

For any couple that is struggling with their sex life this is a must read and of course for any clinician wanting to use this book as part of their practice it makes for a necessary addition to their library.

If you want Dawn Michael to do a book review for you please e-mail her at dawn@thehappyspouse.com
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